The city has adopted a comprehensive zoning code which governs development within the corporate limits of Breese. This code regulates lots, structures, and land uses in order to protect and promote the public welfare.

Zoning permits must be approved by the Zoning Administrator and/or by the Public Works Manager prior to beginning any construction or demolition within the city limits. A nominal fee schedule, based upon size and type of structure or development, is published in the zoning code. Permits are required for primary construction (including homes, businesses, and government institutions), accessory construction (including fences, garages, pools, decks, and driveways), and planned development.

 Any questions concerning zoning issues can be directed to  Zoning Administrator, at Breese City Hall, 618-526-7731

A detailed city map, portraying the zoning districts, is on display at City Hall.

Subdivision Code – Chapter 34

Zoning Code – Chapter 40

Revised Code of Ordinances

 Aldermanic Ward Map

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( Official Map on Display at City Hall )