Are you looking for a place to expand your business? What can Breese do for you?

Please contact Charlie Hilmes at 618-526-7731 or Tim Schleper at to schedule a site survey of the development.

The City of Breese has three economic tools to help new businesses.

1. One tool is TIF. The City has 2 TIF districts. The oldest expires in 2021. This TIF is the largest and includes over $14 million in EAV. The second TIF district will start in 2013. It is a site specific TIF of just over 24 acres and is strictly for commercial development. This TIF has the full approval of all taxing bodies that it would affect. It has a 23 year life expectancy.

2. The City’s second economic tool is a revolving loan fund. This is money used to help buy equipment or as gap financing. It has a 3% loan rate. This tool is based on job creation. A total of up to $15,000/job created. State law requires us to treat this money just like any bank loan.

3. A third economic tool is our utilities. Breese has its own Electric Power plant that can provide full energy needs in the case of emergencies. We have 6 engines that can provide 14.5 meg of power in peak periods. We rarely have power outages that last for over 30 minutes. Our water plant can provide up to 2 million gallons/day. Right now we are producing 1 million gallons/day during peak periods. Breese also has an award winning waste treatment plant. The quality of water leaving our sewage plant is better than when we bring water into our water treatment plant.