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August 2018
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Welcome to the Breese Police Department

Mission Statement

Welcome to the City of Breese Police Department. All officers are dedicated to a high standard of law enforcement professionalism, and we can ensure that their actions will be impartial and just while in the service of our community. Our agency is small, but progressive and community-oriented department that is committed to developing a strong partnership with our community’s citizens, businesses and organizations. Crime prevention, education, and citizen involvement all play key roles to ensure this type of environment. Our job is to maintain safe streets, protect, and provide professional service to those we come in contact with, thus enhancing the quality of life, which make Breese a great place to live.


DARE Program

DARE is taught in the 5th grade class in the elementary schools of All Saints Catholic Academy and Breese District 12. There are 10 lessons in this program. Each lesson builds on information from the previous lesson. The beginning lessons teach students what the effects of mind-altering drugs do, the consequences and changing beliefs. The students are also taught resistance techniques “How to say NO”, how to build self-esteem and being assertive. How to manage stress, reduce violence and make decisions are important concepts that are also studied. At the conclusion of the program, each student is required to write an essay. This is where they make a commitment to themselves as well as to their peers and community on how they are going to stay drug and alcohol free and avoid violence.


Tips for Parents

Establish family rules that make the use of drugs and alcohol non-negotiable. Educate yourself about drugs and alcohol so you can talk informatively with your children and answer their questions. Since peer pressure is a major factor in teenage drug and alcohol use, know your children’s friends. Talk with other parents. Try to establish uniform rules that make access to drugs and alcohol harder for your children and their friends, such as curfew, the amount of spending money they receive and their use of the car. If problems arise, try to seek advice and counsel from someone both you and your child can respect and relate to.


The National DARE Site


Funding for the DARE program is provided by the annual golf scramble, whereby all Clinton County schools receive funds for their DARE program. This is an important part of a team effort to help our children to say “NO” to drugs and alcohol.


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