Mayor’s Message


On behalf of the Residents of Breese, I would like to welcome you to our City and to welcome you to our website.

Breese is a very special city and rich in history. From its early pioneers to the city builders and businesses of today, this city has shown a spirit of pride in all that it has accomplished.

The City of Breese is uniquely located on the eastern side of the St. Louis metropolitan area offering the advantages of a small community with the accessibility to the major metro area and all that it offers.

Breese is an engaging community which offers a safe environment, a family oriented environment and is a wonderful place to call home. We are proud of the quality of life we offer to our residents, young and old.

Breese has many small businesses that provide jobs and contribute to our quality of life. As well as many opportunities for new businesses and growth.

I welcome you to stroll through our website to review our information regarding our award-winning hospital, public and private schools and recreation opportunities, to name a few.

Again, welcome to Breese and enjoy your stay. We hope you refer to it as your home.

We hope this website will help you learn about Breese and what we have to offer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact City Hall for further assistance.

Charlie Hilmes
City of Breese