Limb/Brush Pickup

April 2023
By Monica Mensing
Posted: Updated:
03/04/2024 all-day
  1. Residents will remove side branches over 1” in diameter and pile in uniformed stack or bundles with butt-end toward curb.
  2. The diameter of the brush may not exceed 4”.
  3. The City brush pickup crew will only spend 10 minutes at each residence (this service was not put in place for a whole tree removal).
  4. Brush is to be put out in front along the curb or street, easily accessible.
  5. Brush will be processed by a chipper to produce mulch, which will be made available to Breese residents without cost through contacting the Utilities office at 618-526-7151.
  6. Residents wanting this service must call Breese City Hall “before the last Friday of the month” at 618-526-7731. This advance notice is required so a route can be developed. There will be no exceptions.