Recycling Challenges in Illinois

February 2018
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Poor recycling habits could cost Illinois residents their blue bins

By Cole Lauterbach | Illinois News Network Aug 29, 2018
Rob Crandall

Illinoisans are having trouble figuring out what goes in the recycling bin and, so far, it has cost residents of one city their curbside recycling program. Waste Management estimates that 25 percent of America’s recycling isn’t recyclable. In some places, it means services will be canceled. In Illinois, Kankakee’s garbage provider announced that it is stopping curbside recycling service on Sept. 1 in the city. Officials with Republic Services told the Daily Journal that Kankakee residents had been putting far too much garbage in recycling bins. “When we hear about some of the communities or the service providers letting communities know ‘we can’t do this,’ we also hear the flip side in that residents are upset,” Illinois Recycling Association president Kris Kaar said.

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